Photos 2011/12


  1. Comment by Phyl Bromley:

    Lovely photos Helen, thanks for sharing. Gosh I don’t think I have ever seen so many cats! haha
    They seem to be everywhere.
    Hope you are feeling better now Helen. Not a lot of fun when your not feeling the best.
    Spetses seems to be a lovely place, love the pics of it. I can so see the need to return to it.
    You take lovely photos, obviously you have a good camera.
    Exciting week coming up with the royal wedding. So looking forward to it. My girls are coming round to join me and we will be sitting glued to the telly, with the wine etc (of course haha)
    Take care

  2. Comment by Herzegovina-undiscovered paradise:

    Congratulations for all these beautiful and stuning photos. You may really much beter to know all about the Greece and lifestyle in this relative uknown part of hole country. The land, the villages and the people, specialy behind the coast, -are very similar to my country – Herzegovina, which are just northwestern of Albania behind the Adriatic coast.
    Greetings to all nature mediteranean lovers – from Citluk (southern Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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